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3 Top Tier Cabin Rentals in the Vicinity

AirBnB has taken off around the United States and beyond. This has caused many people to reconsider rentals and rental property all over the world. Being able to rent an entire home as opposed to a hotel, and being able to have full access to a fully featured home is very popular for a lot of people to choose to stay in vs. a hotel stay with limited access to many amenities you would get in a home.

Primitive Historical Escape House

Primitive Historical Escape

Sleeps 6 Guests | 2 Bedrooms | 1 Bath

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The primitive historical escape is perfect for someone looking for an escape from either the normal bigger city life, or just someone who wants to take a vacation but still isn’t too far from home. Great amenities, quick responses from the owners, along with many other wonderful features makes this home one that is not only unique, but memorable as well.

Location: 4/5

Located 30 minutes from Jasper Indiana, 45 minutes from Holiday World, 45 minutes from Evansville and 15 minutes from I-69 means you can have the flexibility in going to a large variety of places if the need arises, but still allow you to be secluded from bigger city life.

This location is excellent for people who might be hunting in the region, getting away from city life, or even for residents of Pike County who just want to get away, but still be close enough to home if need be. Located just off of a highway, you are far enough away that the highway traffic will not bother you, and this also makes it very convenient and easy to find as well.

Amenities: 5/5

This is one of the biggest bonuses to staying here. Plenty of things are included with your stay, one of the biggest being an entire kitchen ensemble for all your cooking needs, an indoor fire place with unlimited firewood, a charcoal grill and much more.

Aesthetics/Look: 5/5

This cabin is historical, and has history to back it up. You can look to the walls inside the cabin to find out this storied history of this cabin, and how it was built. Unwind with a nice crackling fireplace, and play some cards, board games, or just spend time outside and on the porch of the property. Enjoy some nice quiet time with a loved one or enjoy our many board games and card games to play together and reconnect away from technology, and to help keep in tune with the historical preservation of the cabin.

Overall: 4.9/5

A great stay, with plenty of benefits and almost no downsides (one of our favorite perks), meaning you aren’t restricted from having fun like you can encounter on other stays. You can’t go wrong booking a stay at the Primitive Escape house. You just bring yourself, and the memories are ready to be made.

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Cheerful 3 Bedroom Cabin

Cheerful 3 Bedroom Cabin

Sleeps 8 | 3 Bedroom | 4 Beds | 1 Bath

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Quaint 3 bedroom, 1 bath cabin with kitchenette, sleeps up to 8 people. Each bedroom has a queen/double bed with pull out futon in the living space.

Location: 3/5

Located right outside of Petersburg, IN, this location would be good for people who are looking to stay in or around Petersburg to visit friends and family in the area. They do not provide any information in their description about location activities, which is a reason for a lower rating.

Amenities: 1/5

Just seeing what is the in the photos, looks like a standard cabin house. They do not list any sort of potential activities to do. So it makes it hard to see what might be fun to do around the area. It looks like you get a pretty decent amount of space around the cabin, which is why this location gets 1 point for that. But from the photos it looks like no TV or anything else is included so bring your own activities.

Aesthetics/Look: 3/5

This looks like a modern log cabin style home. Plenty of wood features make this home look and feel like a modern log cabin would. However some of the countertops in the kitchen feel cluttered, trash inside the waste bins for the photos makes it feel less “clean” and more rushed for the photos.

Overall: 3/5

This could be a good stay for someone who is looking for a place to stay at in the Petersburg, IN area.

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Primitive Historical Escape

Secluded Cabin/Lake on 16 Acres

Private Secluded CabiN

Sleeps 8 | 3 Bedrooms | 2 Baths

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PRIVATE!! Beautiful log cabin secluded on 16 acres near Glendale Fish & Wildlife. 2 acre lake for fishing/pedal boat/kayak/swimming.

Location: 4/5

Location is in Montgomery Indiana, so a little drive outside of Pike County, but within an hour drive. This location is excellent and has access to Glendale Fish and Wildlife along with many other locations in the area.

Amenities: 2/5

This location has a 2 acre pond on it, with boats included. They have a fireplace on the inside but advise you are not allowed to use it (why have it then?) along with other areas on the property that you do not have access to such as garage, storage barn, and fish and release only.

Also to be able to use the boats you have to bring your own life jackets as they do not supply those either. Lots of great features that would be excellent if they were fully available for people who stay there. It does mention that the pond is stocked with fish, but then you are not allowed to fish and eat?

They have a massive list of items that they don’t allow on the property, such as pets, firearms, fireworks, noise, or inviting anyone else onto the property who didn’t book with you. Also for the outside firepit you have to bring your own wood to burn, with no option to purchase any from the location.

Aesthetics/Look: 5/5

This cabin looks very beautiful and sits right next to the lake. It truly feels secluded and will really make you feel like your in a rustic environment. Plenty of seating options and much more really complement the entire look of the property.

Overall: 4/5

Such a great location, that is hampered by the huge list of items that your not allowed to bring on the property, catch and release only, and having to bring your firewood and life jackets really makes it inconvenient for people who live in a city setting who might not have access to those items to bring with them. This will cause some people to stray away from otherwise is a beautiful location.

But if you are one of those people that has the ability to bring those types of items with you, this is a destination spot you won’t want to miss!

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You can’t go wrong with any of these choices, all of them offer great benefits at a awesome price point as well. They call can sleep plenty of people and will be for sure to make your next family or friend outing one that you will remember for years to come.

So let us know. Have you stayed in one of these cabins before? Got one you want to recommend? Let us know by sending us a message! We would love to hear your feedback.

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